Peter Shotton

Peter ShottonCoach Profile
Potentia Coach Supervision Practice Lead
Peter Shotton

“My passion is to accompany clients on their personal journey bringing my skills, experience and knowledge in support of their growth and development, and facilitating their attainment of new levels of achievement.”



Peter listens to how clients create their view of the world, observes how they sit, stand and walk, and notices their emotional capacity and brings attention to what he observes. In this way he allows his clients to make new choices, live in different stories, develop an enhanced capacity to meet life’s challenges. He is acknowledging of abilities and compassionate in timers of failure.



Peter had an early career in the food and drink sector in positions of production management, training and personnel and sales and marketing, ending up as a statutory director of both British and German companies. Then followed 10 years in consultancy supporting organisations in the FTSE 100 and 250 with assessment, succession planning and recruitment challenges. Since 1998 he has been self employed supporting a wide range of businesses with coaching and development activities. His clients have included board members, middle management and high potential junior managers on a fast track to senior positions. He has also supported partners within strategic consultancy firms, academics and non-academics in universities and senior executives in the arts. In recent years the NHS has supplied a number of clients. He is supervisor to a number of self employed coaches. His industry sector experience includes food and drink, construction, airport management, financial services




Peter is:

  • A Certified Ontological Coach through two years of training and mentoring with The Newfield Network in the USA, trained in Transpersonal Coaching with Performance Consultants in the UK, and attended various CPD events in team Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Developmental Transactional Analysis, Embodied Leadership, and their contribution to coaching.
  • A certified practitioner of MBTI, FIRO-B,
  • A coaching supervisor through training with Coaching Supervision Academy

The Coach Supervisor for the PotentiaCoach team

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