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PotentiaCoach offers a range of personal coaching and therapeutic practices, focusing on emotional and spiritual wellbeing and development, to private clients in their chosen 1:1 setting. 

Please call us for a confidential conversation about your needs. We’ll be delighted to connect and listen to you. Please note our Therapies work with humans and animals is also provided through our philanthropic subsidiary The Natural Junction.


Our range of offerings include:

Personal coaching: goals, sports performance aims, career, decisions, mindset, confidence, in fact anything the client wishes to address which they believe is influencing or affecting their ability to realise their goals in life


Health and wellbeing coaching: returning to work after illness, including cancer, health goals eg weight loss, physical fitness, mindfulness, emotional resilience


Usui Reiki natural healing therapy: Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force. This ‘chi’ energy is drawn down through the practitioner’s hands. Reiki induces a state of relaxation enabling the client to consider and choose to address their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness needs themselves. Reiki is suitable for anyone who wishes to receive it; it is not a faith or belief, and is frequently used alongside conventional medicine, including palliative care. We encourage clients to first seek medical approval to receive Reiki if they have pre-existing medical conditions. Alison is qualified and insured to treat clients in a professional therapeutic client-practitioner relationship.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Timeline Therapy-combined therapies: Wouldn’t you like to achieve your maximum potential, remove your fears, rid yourself of disabling, crippling phobias, record over that little voice in your head holding back your dreams, the one that unhelpfully but very powerfully whispers “You can’t do that…you’ll never succeed”? You can replace that unhelpful voice and limiting beliefs with an empowering, inspiring, enabling, confidence-boosting soundtrack confirming what your unconscious mind already knows….”You can achieve your goals….you will succeed!” In order to train your body to be physically capable of achieving more, you think about the food you eat and the exercise you need to improve your health, wellbeing and performance potential. Similarly, in order to reach your mental potential, you need to ‘think about what you think’. When you change the perceptions you have about yourself you create positive belief and the confidence to go for the goals you really want. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching, Timeline® Therapy and Hypnotherapy provide a range of safe, simple techniques and therapeutic processes to enable you to re-shape your model of your world. Open the door to your wider, brighter world full of rich options and exciting choices…enjoy an empowered, limitless horizon of potential