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Who We Are


PotentiaCoach Limited is a community of coaches and catalysts with creative curiosity, wonder, and a deep love of enabling clients to connect with and step into living their fullest lives. 

 Its founding owner, Ali Dubbins, at a time of great personal challenging change, embraced a deep desire to work with people in ways which allow the unlocking and flourishing of our hidden possibilities, our untapped gifts and potential. It was the beginning of her quest and passion for creating sacred relationships allowing us to give of our most coherent and authentic selves to how we live and what we strive for. It has been a colourful journey so far, continuing to delight, surprise, scare, and challenge Ali, and her Associate colleagues,  in the work they do with their clients.


 The PotentiaCoach Limited ethos is best expressed in this quote from globally renowned coach Jennifer Garvey Berger, author of Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps and Simple Habits for Complex Times: “Development is not a race to the finish line. It is the journey of our lives. The way we come to see and re-see ourselves and the world around us.”


We act our lives based on our insights, awareness of, and wisdom from our conscious and unconscious life experiences. For some this may manifest as a drive for increased emotional safety, living within the boundaries of what we know as certain. For others, a curiosity to ‘enquire’ more than a need to simply work with what we ‘know’. There is a constant tension between living our habits and patterns, and a desire to break through what we do at a conscious level and move towards being able to hold a space of ‘not knowing’ in order to find new ways of being. Our world has historically invested in ‘knowing’, believing that knowledge will enable us to be better at what we do.

It’s much deeper than this. We won’t solve our problems, individually or globally, with what we already know. We almost certainly won’t live into our dreams by standing on familiar ground. We need a new way of seeing things, exploring possibilities, if we are to discover more effective ways to live and work alongside each other harmoniously, compassionately, lovingly.


We are only prepared to be brave with our vulnerability when we feel safe to do so. We will inhabit a wider, intuitive sense of our potential when we feel we are held safely, with dignity, respect, and trust. This allows us to feel valued,  and to ‘know’ that all of our being is held with love and compassion. These feelings are at the centre of how PotentiaCoach Associates connect with our clients. We believe that if we are extending our own selves beyond our personal comforts, when we embody and practice what we coach, then our clients will feel they can too. This is the beginning of coherent collaboration.

Ali has brought together a group of collaborators with one thing in common within the spirit and purpose of the PotentiaCoach Limited ethos. A curious desire to understand how and when we are open to change and growth, and what is required to stay on the path of discovery.

Our catalysts and coaches come from all walks of industry and life: consulting, operational leadership, coaching, therapy, public service, and private sector commerce. This rich collective of wisdom, experience, enthusiasm and expertise enables us to match members of our team to each of our clients’ needs, offering a depth of consulting, coaching, and therapeutic expertise. We invite you to read our profiles under Coaching.


“Wisdom is the forgetting of all that you know.” Arthur Schopenhauer



Spilt Line




We believe in fully understanding our clients’ needs at the deepest level, whether large corporation, small enterprise, or private individual.

When we engage with a client, the first interaction is a detailed consultation during which both our client and we take the time to listen, understand and clarify needs and expectations, and to express these as meaningful outcomes to meet the client’s goals.

From this collaborative exchange of knowledge, thinking, and ideas, we may suggest a single development solution or for more complex, multi-faceted needs we may suggest a series of activities which we believe will enable effective, sustainable movement, change and results.

We work with corporate clients to produce a fully scoped proposal to meet requirements, remove their pain points, and deliver within timescales, budget and expectations.

We help private clients arrive at a personal coaching plan setting out the goals they wish to achieve and which can be accommodated within their work and life.

Accreditations & Memberships

Potentia’s coaches are qualified and registered with the following professional bodies:

European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (UK)
The Newfield Network (USA)
The Spiritual Companions Trust (UK)
The British Psychological Society (UK)
The Register of Competent Psychological Test Practitioners (UK)
The Law Society (UK)
UK Mediation & The Open College Network (UK)
The American Board of Hypnotherapy
The American Bureau of Neuro Linguistic Programming
TimeLine Therapy®Association (US)
Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy™
The Institute of Leadership & Management (UK)
The Complimentary Therapy Association (UK)
MacMillan Cancer Support
The International Federation of Aromatherapists
The Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing