Potentia catalysts are united by a deeply held motivation to practise innovative, thought provoking, and inspiring development approaches in collaborative partnership with client organisations, teams and individuals.




We are energised when blending knowledge, experience and ideas from leading thinking circles with powerful communications and facilitation techniques to offer our clients all the right conditions to meet their challenges and co-create new ones.
We flex our approach to harmonise with every client’s aspirations ; whether delivering high energy leadership development experiences for Board and Senior Leadership Teams, facilitating enriching executive coaching, or running interactive, experiential skills development events for teams and individuals.
We have a passion for our own continuous growth, believing that the deliberate and powerful practice of personal development will always add value to our clients’ experiences of working with us.



This is what clients say about PotentiaCoach….


“I began working with Alison at a time when my team and myself were undergoing change. I wanted to support my team who has felt disempowered in recent years. I wanted to unlock their potential and I needed help with this.

I was unsure how I would feel with coaching and questioned myself around my resilience for the journey I was about to embark on.

It was the best thing I have done for my career and personal growth. Alison asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. She has helped me to focus and prioritise. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Alison.” 

Louise Lowry

Head of Service, Healthcare

“Alison gave me very valuable coaching help which enabled me to: talk through specific challenges, develop greater confidence and broaden my repertoire of approaches to managing conflict. As a result, I was inspired to read an array of books which also helped me to gain clearer insights into people, the job, the situation and myself . As Alison has a great deal of experience in a wide range of organisations, and has coached many leaders over the years, I felt her help and suggestions were incredibly useful because she could shed a different perspective on things, which is just what I needed. I would recommend her wholeheartedly and would definitely seek her out again.”

Senior manager, Public Sector


“I have always been keen to work with a coach and was recommended Alison via my supervisor when I had just started my PhD. I was apprehensive at first to start the coaching journey, as I had expected there to be lots of “homework”, but I really enjoyed working with Alison and found our conversations very stimulating and encouraging. She provides a really flexible approach to her coaching and shared with me lots of useful sources of information that I can work with gradually, as well as some practical advice on how to tackle a few immediate challenges. Working with Alison has certainly helped me to adapt my approach to my work activities and wider commitments. I gladly recommend her to my network and look forward to reconnecting with her again in the future.” 

Jennifer Rao-Williams

PhD Researcher and Business owner.

“Working with Alison has been extremely valuable. I was impressed with her extensive knowledge in change and organisational management and her uncanny ability to help me get to the crux of the problems that I was working with. Working with her always stimulated new thinking and possibilities, and after our conversations I left with a renewed sense of what I needed to explore and take forward. Extensive follow-up material was also provided, which was extremely helpful. As such, each session left me feeling both challenged, inspired and supported.”

Senior academic leader – University


Alison’s beliefs and values in Organisational Development are at the core of the way she inspires others to buy into key changes that help drive the business towards a high performing culture. Her openness to listen to views with a critical and constructive mind enable others to see things from multiple angles and thus seeing the bigger picture. She is a firm supporter of developing people from within. I would highly recommend Alison.

Change and leadership catalyst