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Each of our accredited coaches has over 20 years of international coaching experience.  Our coaching practice offers a range of coaching approaches to meet individual client needs, grouped across three areas of service.



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Executive 1:1 Coaching


Executive coaching suits individuals and organisations aiming to:

  • Develop organisational values
  • Align Board team values
  • Harmonise collective strategic focus
  • Embed consistent high performance
  • Remove performance conflict
  • Develop executive talent potential
  • Strengthen individual executive potential
  • Support executive talent and succession
  • Build powerful relationships

Performance Coaching: Teams and Individuals

Performance coaching suits clients seeking ways to:

  • Improve confidence
  • Strengthen skills
  • Perfect techniques
  • Target development needs
  • Identify opportunities to grow
  • Challenge mental boundaries
  • Improve performance
  • Sustain positive results
  • Change career direction

Coaching Skills Development

Potentia provide coaching skills training for organisations to:

  • Develop in-house coaching capability
  • Strengthen line management skills
  • Enrich people management skills
  • Enhance performance management
  • Build a coaching culture
  • Support a learning culture
  • Grow internal talent
  • Maximise performance potential
  • Reduce external coaching costs



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Our Coaches

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