Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility

At the heart of PotentiaCoach Ltd is an ethical commitment to building relationships that contribute to creating a better world for future generations. Our collective energies are far more powerful than our singular efforts in this global endeavour.

Sharing our resources and our potential, enabling critical connections, unconditionally helping where we are physically, emotionally and intellectually able to, nurtures the conditions our global societies need to flourish.


PotentiaCoach Ltd makes an annual financial pledge to support a small number of charities whose ethos we deeply connect with. The following charities and socially, globally responsible organisations are supported by PotentiaCoach Ltd’s founder, Alison, and the PotentiaCoach team.

Worldwide Cancer Research




The Hunger Project Logo


Corporate clients – would you like to support the work of these Charities:

If your organisation would like us to donate 1% of the fee you pay us, to any of the above charities, we will do so at your request. You simply need to select this option when we present our written proposal to you for approval of contract. All we ask is that you match our financial commitment by actively promoting awareness of your chosen Charity across your own organisation.


You can support enterprises with charity at their heart:

PotentiaCoach supports start ups and enterprises which embody the Global Citizen ethos.

The twentyeighty collective is a Yorkshire based enterprise. The brainchild of Andy Gregory, an amazingly talented artist. Click the link to explore his gifts and his charitable business ethos!