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Julia Felton

“I truly believe that everyone is capable of so much more than they realise. Coaching enables people to unlock their own hidden potential, so they can have the influence and make the impact they really desire in the world.”


Julia is caring and compassionate coach, but don’t let that fool you; she is also tough and direct. Committed to helping clients step out of their comfort zone in order to achieve their own brilliance, she challenges and inspires her clients to take courageous action, to ‘grab the reins’ and become the leader of their business and life. She ignites the human spirit and energises her clients to become impactful leaders, who are consciously aware and who want to make a real difference in the world. Passionate about nature, Julia’s coaching interventions sometimes involve sessions with her horses, who she describes as “the best coaches ever, as they never sugar-coat their feedback.”



Julia is a former corporate executive with a proven 25-year track record of delivering results through creating high performance business and teams from the ground up. Always a pioneer, she became an’ intrapreneur’ (sic), whilst working at Andersen and Deloitte, where she was responsible for creating, developing and launching the first ever on line business intelligence tools for the hospitality industry. That business rapidly became a multi-million dollar business unit, the market leader in its field. Julia was charged with selling this business unit and so is uniquely positioned to have seen a business through the entire growth life cycle. She also replicated a similar initiative for the UK HealthClub industry

Additionally, she led her team through the Andersen Deloitte transaction and so appreciates the challenges of keeping a team engaged whilst leading through uncertainty. A lifelong learner with a passion for business Julia loves sharing her expertise and knowledge with others in order to help them achieve success and unleash their hidden potential.

Julia typically works with entrepreneurial minded business leaders and boards seeking to challenge the status quo and do things differently. By harnessing the ‘principles of the herd’, she works to identify the bottlenecks in the business, create high performance teams and harness leadership skills to enable companies to succeed.

Her speciality industry sectors are service based organisations, particularly hospitality and professional services. Julia has worked across Europe and the USA.

 Julia has trained, coached and mentored business owners, leaders and teams in the following sectors and disciplines: UK and German executive leadership team on understanding their own unique strengths and leadership style, and how that could impact team performance; Women’s leadership programme to help develop the emotional intelligence skills required to lead through uncertainty; Equipping middle management with the skills required to bring out the best in themselves and their teams; 1:1 personal development coaching for business owners wanting to grow their business to the next level, and who needed to become the leader of their business; Helped the training division of a public sector organisation review their business culture, define and implement the new culture and then monitor its effectiveness in improving performance; Corporate Management Team coaching and development for a London-based property company; Personal leadership coaching, strategy development and implementation for a high growth medical business



Julia is:

  • A master coach accredited by the Coaching Standards Authority and a Master Money, Marketing and Soul Coach
  • An accredited NLP Coach and Trainer
  • An ambassador for the Conscious Business Institute and accredited in their methodology
  • Accredited facilitator of Strategy on a Page
  • Accredited to use Talent and Wealth Dynamics to help individuals and teams figure out their strengths and work more collaboratively together.
  • A Member of the Institute of Leadership Management and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching
  • A business start-up mentor for government funded SME initiatives
  • A business mentor for Young Enterprise and e-Spark
  • Qualified Horse Assisted Educator providing leadership, teamwork and communication workshops to SME and corporate leaders, through partnering with horses
  • Thought leader and author of two books – Unbridled Success: How The Secret Lives of Horses Impacts Leadership, Teamwork and Communication; Energise Your Business Culture: How To Harness the Power of Fusion To Create An Agile, Purpose-Driven, Impactful and Profitable Business
  • International speaker




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