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Alison Dubbins

“Enabling clients to undertake and sustain deep authentic change aligned to their personal and professional purpose is an honor and an inspiration for me. The results always reflect the courage and commitment clients invest in their own growth.”



Alison’s ethos is to create opportunity and choice through dialogue for powerful, positive, sustained personal change. Her style is a blend of facilitator, catalyst, and working with the unconscious mind, adapted to suit each client’s preferences and needs. Models Alison subscribes to and is skilled in include the powerful use of neuroscience and neuro linguistic models, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, structured goal setting, Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, Reiki and timeline therapy.



Alison spent the first 15 years of her Operational and HR management career in the Middle East, working across 17 countries in often challenging economic, political and social climates. The last 15 years have included a portfolio of consulting and senior leadership roles in Europe and the UK across diverse sectors including banking & finance, chemical, food and industrial manufacturing, healthcare, education, transportation and aviation. Companies Alison has worked with and for include DHL International, HBOS, Provident, Norwich Union, ICI-AstraZeneca, Syngenta, Nestle, the NHS, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Derby, University of Greenwich, Leicester Council. Alison has led teams and delivered at first line operational, tactical and executive leadership/Board levels and offers a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in roles from each perspective. Alison coaches clients at all organisational, individual, management and leadership levels, with a particular focus on executive and Board team development. Current clients include senior leaders in healthcare, education and the private sector; management teams in NPO and CIC; Boards in public sector settings.




Alison is:

  • An accredited Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Timeline Therapist – MABNLP-ABH accredited
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council Registered
  • A Registered British Psychological Society Psychometrician – MBTI, CPI, OPQ, 16PF, SHL
  • Accredited to use leadership and climate survey tools eg NHS LQF
  • Law Society accredited conflict and mediation negotiator and coach
  • A Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
  • A business start up mentor for government funded council initiatives
  • A Master Reiki practitioner, working with humans and animals
  • Studying for a Diploma in Spiritual Health and Wellbeing
  • Currently writing her first piece of fiction as a creative writer and training for the Virgin London Marathon 2018, raising funds for Worldwide Cancer Research

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