Sunday morning people!



Sunday morning people!

Archie and I are training for the London Marathon in April next year. Well, in truth, I am, and Archie is along for the fun runs….predominantly anything in the woods, beside the lakes, in fact anywhere he can run freely and dive into water! Last Sunday’s training run was magical. I noticed an ‘aliveness’ to our combined energy; we were running in synch for most of the run (rare for Archie, as he’s easily distracted towards trees, lamp posts, the usual magnets for inquisitive hounds!). It was a cold morning, the winter sun was bright and dazzling, the air felt fresh, the day having recently awakened to itself. Most people at this time of the year, post- the clocks going backwards, just as winter starts to take a hold of nature, prefer to stay indoors with mugs of tea and coffee, cooked breakfasts, the papers, slippers and warm fires. I would. The people I meet early on Sunday mornings are out in pursuit of the same sensations Archie and I experience. A mixture of solitude and aloneness mingled with the occasional cheery “Hello” or enthusiastic “Good morning” as we pass each other by. There’s something about how we feel on Sunday mornings that for a brief while, over-rides the daily pressures of work, travel, bills, routine, normality. We’ve had time to download the stresses of the week throughout Friday evening and Saturday. We’re secure in the knowledge that Sunday (for those of us lucky enough not to be ‘on duty’) lies ahead of us like a still-wrapped gift. A wonderful blend of options and possibilities…. Sunday morning sports, pub lunches and home cooked roasts, reading, listening to music, walking, late afternoon naps, and a soft slide into Sunday evening. The impending arrival of Monday morning hasn’t started to materialise yet, so we find ourselves able to safely indulge our vulnerability, and our generosity of spirit towards others. I’ve noticed that people I spend time with on Sundays have a relaxed, optimistic outlook on the world. There’s a sort of gentleness to our energies. One of the things Archie and I love is spending time with my friends Helen and Debbie and Archie’s friends Barney and Rio, when we go to the community woodland and let the dogs splash about whilst we drink hot coffee and (sometimes) eat sausage sandwiches. We usually end up wet and muddy, a little unkempt, cold, but always refreshingly tired from endless ‘laugh out loud’ moments. Everything we struggle with in daily life appears a little less challenging, a little further away, and somehow, ‘cope-able’. So what I’m beginning to question is why we seem to save up our ‘aliveness’ for the weekends? Why do we appear to immerse ourselves in the perception that Monday to Friday is a daily grind, fraught with tension, stress, anxiety, a need to ‘protect’ ourselves, when in fact, if we open ourselves to our vulnerability, our generosity of spirit, we will find every day offers moments of real joy. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, these moments don’t come from physical events or material objects. They come from those life-affirming seconds, minutes, brief connections with others, when for a short while, we collide harmoniously. Our souls shed the outer physical manifestations and trappings of surviving in a challenging world. We just connect. If you pay attention to the sensations that occur within you when this happens, there is a lightness of being, a happiness, a sense that your heart is open, and you are responsive to the reciprocal energies around you. These are the memories we hold dear and carry with us. These are the three dimensional vignettes our unconscious will bring to our consciousness when we need to remember we are loved and cherished and valued by those close to us, and even those not close to us or whom we haven’t yet met. Because if we shut down these energies, close off this receptive capacity within us, we isolate ourselves from the essence of living. We function from a fear of loss of control, a concern that the very openness of spirit we show on Sunday mornings might expose our vulnerability and make us unsafe. Lean in to that vulnerability. When you show others your own flaws and imperfections, you give them permission to show theirs. They may, they may not. Either way, in being courageous in showing your own vulnerability, you are choosing not to carry fear. Every day can’t be Sunday, though every day holds the possibility for new joys, new moments you’ll cherish your whole life.


I’m running the London Marathon on April 23rd 2017 for Worldwide Cancer Research. Please click on the charity’s link to read about their amazing work. If you would like to support my fundraising goal, please click on the justgiving link below. I am thankful for every pledge – they all count.




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