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Gail Radka

Coaching testimonials and feedback from coachees’ confirm that I use a personal approach; I help to make people comfortable talking and sharing their thoughts, ideas and worries. I like to create a safe environment and mutual.”



Gail is an inspirational coach with the ability to help people unravel their problems, breaking them down and talking through potential options/solutions, particularly considering other perspectives. Gail is able to provide challenge in a sensitive way, adept at using a psychological approach to coaching, encouraging people to explore their values and beliefs. Her style is flexible and swift, adapting to individuals and situations, applying a range of coaching models and interventions according to the coachee’s needs. Gail follows the EMCC code of ethics and uses Gestalt as her main approach.



Gail’s professional background includes initial experience as a line manager using coaching as her principal development approach. As a public sector senior manager, leading a large business unit, Gail developed and implemented a coach culture. Various senior manager positions over 20 years centred around delivering in fast moving operational environments, where accurate and prompt weekly operational delivery was key, whilst also managing complex large scale transformational change programmes.

Since leaving the public sector Gail has coached people individually and as part of leadership programmes. Examples include: NHS and Private sector 1:1 coaching for individuals, complimenting leadership development programmes and personal development; a 4 year consecutive leadership programme for Nottingham Development Enterprises including 1:1 coaching of delegates; Local Alchemy programme for New Economics Foundation (NEF) and East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA); coaching 100+ new start-up businesses and individuals; 40 community project groups and project leaders and trained/coached 10 new coaches to the programme; coach-tutor to partner coaching organisations. Gail’s client scope includes Directors and Senior Managers across all disciplines.



Gail is:

  • PG Cert Business and Executive Coaching
  • Qualified and certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) assessor
  • Qualified and certified Emotional Intelligence 360° ECI Hay assessor
  • EMCC Yorkshire network member
  • Consult Yorkshire member
  • Yorkshire mafia member

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