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Andy Radka

I use a personal approach with feedback from clients reflecting positively that this is authentic, focussed and empathetic. I work on a basis of mutual respect creating an environment where both challenge and support are possible”.



As a values based individual Andy’s approach reflects this and explores values to help people understand what is important to them and why. Andy applies an Action Learning approach which uses the learning cycle as a framework and focusses upon action and reflection. Andy’s style is flexible however, adapting to individuals and situations. Andy’s mentoring is informed by the wealth of experience and mature skills he has accrued working across the public and private sectors.



The foundation of Andy’s professional background is senior manager positions over the past 20 years. Trained as a coach, mentor, and assessor in the public sector Andy has applied his skills across a diverse range of business units.

Early experience and practice in coaching reflected Andy’s belief in the capacity and potential of individuals. The internal training Andy received helped to build his expertise and knowledge further. Accreditations and qualifications acquired vocationally have provided additional insights which inform Andy’s coaching and mentoring practice. Andy believes in the value of ‘coaching conversations’ within leadership and team development programmes. Examples of this approach include: Health sector 1:1 coaching and mentoring for senior managers; Private engineering sector 1: 1 mentoring of senior managers; New Economics Foundation (NEF) as a retained consultant, coaching new start-up businesses or individuals with business ideas; supported the Leeds Chamber of Commerce – coaching mentoring programme for small business owners; delivered ‘coaching conversations’ modules with triad practice sessions for delegates across the Health Sector



Andy is:

  • Qualified and certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) assessor
  • Post Graduate Qualified in Action Learning
  • Accredited NLP Practitioner
  • Trained De Bono facilitator


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